Technical data



This document certifies that MADAGASCAR TRANS AIR has fulfilled the requirements of the technical regulations in accordance with the Malagasy Civil Aviation Code to ensure the operation of its aircraft in public air transport under the conditions set out in the operating specifications.


N°ACM-05 LE / 2020

This document authorizes the airline “Madagascar Trans Air” to operate non-scheduled commercial services, in accordance with the regulations in force as well as with the conditions and limitations.


Our maintenance workshop is approved on the basis of the ICAO accredited to carry out maintenance operations on the MTA fleet and is certified in the
areas : Structure, Engines, Avionics and instrumentation on board.

Civil aviation officers and international auditors conduct regular and periodic audits to ensure that the operations of our workshop are compliant. These audits are mandated by our clients as well as by insurers.

The MTA maintenance workshop employs qualified engineers, technicians and mechanics.

These experienced men have the authority to implement the stringent maintenance and maintenance programs set by manufacturers such as Cessna, Piper, Britten Norman, Beechcraft, as well as Lycoming and Continental engine manufacturer.


Staff training is a key element of the airline “Madagascar Trans Air” in terms of safety of the operation of its aircraft. The company has therefore put in place all the elements and means necessary for better training of its personnel in accordance with RAM 4000.B.020 and RAM 4000.B.036.

The different kinds of staff training include :

  • ground training ;
  • safety training-rescue ;
  • CRM training
  • airplane training
  • Online adaptation under supervision
  • road and aerodrome training
  • familiarization with company procedures
  • dangerous goods training
  • security training
  • SGS training
  • quality system training

The pilots

“Madagascar Trans Air” pilots are all holders of, at least, a professional pilot license (CPL) and total more than 700 hours of flight for aircraft certified IFR and more than 1000 hours of flight for two pilotnaircraft.

In addition, pilots must undergo regular flight checks (on-line and off-line checks) as well as ground training. MTA ensures that all flight crew members are trained and tested about the location and use of all emergency and on-board safety equipment.


MTA aircraft are regularly and rigorously maintained following a maintenance program that complies with regulatory requirements

In accordance with the regulations in force, the flight capability of our aircraft is ensured by a set of systematic, periodic, monitoring and maintenance inspection. Depending on the aircraft, they can be grouped into 3: routine inspections, periodic inspections and special inspections.

In addition, our planes are all insured according to the airline standards.