1st day

Antananarivo – Tsingy – Morondava

Early in the morning, take off around 6:00 AM for the Great Tsingy, fly over the highlands, the Manambola River, landing around 7:15 AM on the private runway of Amborodia. Transfer to the Tsingy 5km away. Tour of about 4 hours with a guide and picnic.

Return to Amborodia then take off at around 2:30 PM for a thirty minute journey to the on the bigger runway of Morondava.

You will then be able to watch the sunset on the alley of baobabs (unique group of large Andansonia grandidier, the most majestic of the baobabs). The day ends with dinner at the hotel Palissandre.

2nd day

Morondava – Isalo

After breakfast, visit the small town of Morondava then have lunch at the hotel, transfer to the airport for takeoff at around 2:00 PM and arrive at the Ranohira runway in the heart of the Isalo massif at around 4:00 PM. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

3rd day

Isalo (The natural swimming pool)

After breakfast, tour “the natural swimming pool”, 3hours of easy walking there and back. Discover the most beautiful landscapes with changing colours, go through a Tapia forest. Pachypodiums and many drought resistant sclerophyllous plants. Swimming possible in a natural swimming pool.

4th day


In the morning, tour the “maki canyon” , an easy 2 hours round trip. Crossing savannah and rice paddies before entering a narrow canyon along a small river. Abundant flora (ferns, palms,) three species of lemurs are easily seen. Takeoff at 11:00 AM to Antanarivo (land at 1:00 PM for a technical stopover and lunch, fly to Anjajavy.

5th, 6th, 7th day

Anjajavy (hôtel « relais et châteaux »)

In Madagascar, the peninsula of Anjajavy is a magical, unspoilt place where nature and animals live together in harmony. Along the Mozambique Channel, this natural Eden brings together unique species of lemurs, birds of paradise and other chameleons, not to mention beautiful and diverse flora.

8th day

Anjajavy – Tananarive

After breakfast, take off around 9:30 AM and arrive in Antananarivo at around 11:00 AM.