Number of places

7 places + 2 pilot.

Cruising speed

450 Kmh

IFR Flights

Adapted to VFR and IFR weather

Beechcraft King Air B100

King Air manufactured by Beechcraft, are a real success and continue their commercial career thanks to their reliability and their performance. They are very common in the fleets of private transport companies. They represent today the best in the world of light aircraft.

The King Air B100 has a twin turboprop engine of 1000 horsepower per engine; it has 7 seats: 5 seats including 4 club version (face to face) + 2 bench seats.

The King Air B100 cruises at 450 kph and is piloted by a captain and a co-pilot.

This plane is approved for regional flights to the island of Reunion, Mauritius, the Seychelles, the island of Mayotte or the Comoros Islands.

Crew 2 pilots
Engines twin turboprop
Configuration pressurized cabin
Passengers 6 to 8 maximum